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Sound Bites News (formerly North of the Border) was established in 1989 in Montgomery, Texas. Our goal is to offer you a guide to entertainment options in the ever-expanding burbs north of Houston, Texas - specializing in clubs, restaurants, festivals, concerts and special events that offer live music and general fun and games. 3,000 printed copies of the magazine are distributed each month to popular locations throughout the coverage area, and the online version is available, well . . . everywhere, even on your mobiile device. You can also sign up right here to have your very own copy emailed to your inbox each month.


Craig Jones is the publisher, sales manager, sometimes writer, paper delivery boy, sometimes photographer, new music researcher, band consultant, and an expert in music and sports trivia.


Pixie Jones is the chief wrangler, overworked graphics geek, sometimes writer, editor, technical consultant, maintenance supervisor, bartender and caterer.


Dave Miller has contributed The Dave and Peggy Traveling Show, a column of music and travel adventures, for over thirty years, proving that you're never too old to rock and roll. He also writes reviews of recordings that happen to land in his mailbox. You can call him at 936-756-9699.





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11 Waters Edge

Montgomery, Texas 77356

OPEN most days about 9 or 10, Occasionally as early as 7, But some days as late as 12 or 1.
WE CLOSE about 5:30 or 6, Occasionally about 4 or 5, But sometimes as late as 9 or 10.
Some days or afternoons we aren't here at all, and lately, we've been here just about all the time,
except when we're someplace else . . .